We love everything “toddler,” and believe that you will share some of the most sweet & precious times with your little one in these amazing formative years.

One great way to strengthen and enjoy the bond between you and your toddler is through reading.  By reading, you can begin to share the wonder and amazement of stories, art, and imagination (with the added bonus of greatly aiding in the cognitive development of your child).  Our team of parents and preschool teachers have searched long and hard for the “best books for toddlers,” and have created various categories that we think will help you find those special books that you are looking for.

Please take your time to explore the categories (links to the left).  We are certain that you will discover some great treasures.

We hope that the growth and development of this site will be a community project. So moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents, teachers, friends and everyone who loves a toddler, please send us comments and suggestions for books, categories and improvement (we accept praise too!), and please do leave your feedback about the books listed here by commenting or rating the selections!

Thanks for coming by, and we hope that you find lots of books that both you and your little one will enjoy over and over again!